3DiVi Company


Economic sector:Information and Telecommunication Systems


Official website:http://www.3divi.com/


Nuidroid wants to bring 3D motion control to Android devices

We’ve been interacting with computers through keyboard and mouse input for decades. Touchscreens have added another dimension, and a number of companies are banking on touch-less gestures being the next big thing.


Hands-on: NUIDROID motion tracking software at GTC 2013

In this video, a rep from a company called 3DiVi takes us through a demo of their new Nuidroid motion tracking software.


Nuidroid is like Kinect for your OUYA… and other devices [VIDEO]

Nuidroid is an up-and-coming company aiming to becaome your next motion controller/remote. It works much like the Kinect, detecting your movement and using skeletal tracking to enable motion-based commands.

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Additional information

Time on market1 year

CEOПавел Зайцев

Estimated valuation100 000 000

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