IPOboard news


IPOboard at the VI Siberian Venture Fair

Within the framework of the VI Siberian Venture Fair IPOboard organized colloquium "BRIDGE BETWEEN THE PUBLIC MARKET AND VENTURE - IPOBOARD.RU».


RVC Seed Fund Placed First Its Portfolio Company at IPOboard

RVC Seed Fund placed its portfolio company "Balakam" to raise $1 million within the framework of the next investment round.


On the 25th of April IPOBoard Made Presentation at the VII Venture Fair in Kazan’

On the 25th of April the 7th Venture Fair was held in Kazan’. High-tech projects were presented for Russian and European investors. In terms of the seminar "Practical experience and new opportunities of IIM MICEX" Svjatoslav Sedov presented a new project of IIM - IPOBoard.


A New Trading Platform - IPOBoard Was Presented on MICEX-RTS

On the 16 of April the first Russian online platform IPOboard (IIM-board) for attracting investments to nonpublic innovative companies was presented on MICEX-RTS in Moscow.


Russian Venture Company (RVC), "RUSNANO" and MICEX-RTS Established Non-Commercial Partnership "IIM-board"

Russian Venture Company (RVC), "RUSNANO" and MICEX-RTS created Non-Commercial Partnership "IIM-board" for improvement of nonpublic innovative companies stock trading.


IPOBoard result: congratulations with successful completion of Speereo company first round investment!

Speereo - a Russian company developing technology of voice transfer, attracted seed funding from Microsoft and from the Fund Skolkovo, a private non-governmental organization.


Today IPOBOARD and Fund for Innovation held a joint Roundtable.

Today IPOBOARD and the Fund for assistance to small innovative enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere (NTM)-(Foundation for the promotion of innovation) held a ROUNDTABLE on "opportunities for INVESTMENT to MICEX INNOVATIVE COMPANIES"


Listing at IPOBOARD – is a real opportunity to get "Skolkovo" status

Moscow interbank currency exchange and "Skolkovo" signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of the market of innovations and investments MICEX (MOSCOW INTERBANK CURRENCY EXCHANGE).