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Mr. Ishchenko Abstract Smart Home industry is moving rapidly and in full or partially coming into our homes. But with that comes a problem: inhabitants of such homes encounter complicated means of Smart Home control. Many buttons, complicated menus, numerous commands that User is forced to memorize cloud over everybody, who buys a smart home system. Speech is the most natural way for a human being to interact with others. The time has come to bring this way of interaction into human-machine interface and smart home industry is the best way for such a step. This paper describes an overview of the concept of Speereo Speech Engine (SSE) implementation into smart home systems. Speech is the most natural way of human interaction. It is much simpler for us to say what we want. At the same time we are not happy when confronted by remotes with multiple buttons or voice interfaces with preset commands that we are forced to memorize in order to use a smart home system. So, the only suitable solution for smart home user would be a natural voice interface, i.e. chance to say voice commands in natural speech, with usual phrases and sentences. Moreover, it is vital for voice recognition system to be speaker independent – to recognize all family members alike. Such system must operate upon install and should not have a need to be trained to a certain voice. We are prone to say one thing in different words, therefore, speech recognition system must be able to be updated with user commands. Another thing is a resource consumption. Smart home systems do require a lot of resources and the less speech recognition will take the better. Speereo Speech Engine (SSE) suits all above requirements and more. Speaker independent SSE can operate in full on a client (without Internet connection that is) and on a wide variety of devices and platforms. Low resource consumption allows us to implement speech recognition on a PC, smartphone or device with non-platform environment. Flexibility of a system allows services providers to update voice interface in real time and users to add their own commands without limitations. That also allows service providers to use crowdsourcing in order to create new presets of commands for new and unexperienced users. System can fully operate on a client and does not depend on Internet connection. Although all additional services and features (like tv-listing voice interface, commands set via smartphone, etc.) are offered via an internet account. Biography Daniil Ishchenko, male, Vice President and shareholder of Speereo Software, graduated from UNISA in 1996. Since then he has worked in misc. companies in US, UK and EU. In 2000 came back to Russia, where presently holds a VP position in Speereo Software. 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